Towers on delta printer don't move

I have a delta printer and I'm trying to move the x,y and z towers with my full graphic smart controller screen, when I move the rotary encoder knob it only moves a few mm and then it stalls after that I have to reset the power, I don't know if it is because some changes I did to the firmware.


  • Have you tried moving with manual control of the host? Just to see if movements stall or using the lcd ui.

    BTW: If you see small pauses during print it is because you have a full graphic display. They are slow to update and delta needs much computation time. In critical situations this can be enough for a small stall (many small segments in a row). But that should not be the reason of your stall.
  • The towers move perfect with the host, with the lcd  moves with small pauses then it stalls.
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