Thermistor temp table

Hi. I bought a capacitive sensor, printed a mount and I want to enable the Zprobe. I have a slight problem. My vendor supplied me with the source and config for something they called "Repetier fiermware v1.4" which seems to be really v 0.91. In the source code there is a custom tyhermistor table.
I need to find a way how I can convert the values provided so I can use them with the web interface for new firmware version.
Can someone, plz, help? I googled and found tons of conversions from Merlin, which does not realy help to my problem :(


  • In that table the second value is 8 * Temperature
    The first value is analog value for range 0-4095 which gets computed in online config tool with this formula

    rs = (tabl.r1 == 0 ? temp.r : temp.r*tabl.r1/(temp.r+tabl.r1));
    temp.adc = 4095*rs/(rs+tabl.r2);
    It should be possible to reverse the function especially since r1 = 0, r2 is 4700 for all boards I know.
    r is the value you search-
  • Thanks, I'll try to do some excel sheet with the formula.
  • Yep, it worked PERFECTLY. THANKS!
    Now I have to finish the rest of my configuration :)
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