MKS Gen-2z v1.1/Ramps 1.4/A4988 on Prusa i3 with LCD2004A display


First time everything.  I bought a Prusa i3 on an impulse from ebay (250+shipping, yay!), slapped it together, and it ran sort of well just out of the box.  Axes fine, display worked, heaters heated, etc . . .

Turns out the factory settings were too low, so I flashed the firmware (arduino IDE) to get eeprom access and bump up the MAX. extruder and bed temp settings.  After a few tweaks, the machine runs okay (ABS; EXT0 = 250C; BED = 100), but the bed doesn't come up to temp (fix in progress).

My problem is that I lost the LCD display after I uploaded the firmware, which ran normally prior, but now just shows 16 x 4 boxes where characters are supposed to display.  It used to show extruder and bed temps as well as cartesian coordinates of the extruder relative to the bed.

I have no real programming experience, and am wading into this project with only the #DEFINEs figured out.  The firmware config tool (ver. 0.91) is having issues with compiling (I think I picked the wrong LCD the first time around, but it compiled and uploaded fine).

So whats the estimated damage, what and where is the code for the LCD2004A, and can I get some help with the firmware code not properly compiling?  I can upload my Arduino sketches when I get home later.  Thanks in advance. 


  • Normally you select the lcd controller board and hope the combination board/lcd is supported. If you wire your own display you need to configure it manually and set the pins, chips etc in uiconfig.h. The file contains lots of comments to show what you could select.

    Also you should conside using 0.92 instead.
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