Very quick movements, loosing steps, loud vibration

I've been using Marlin for quite a while and wanted to try Repetier.

I used the version 0.92 with the configurator. I based my setting on my latest Marlin build.

As I started printing a test part, I realized the acceleration were extremely high. Direction changes were instantaneous, which was pretty wierd. The movements caused high vibrations and step would be lost during print.

As I'm using A4988, I set #define STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY to 1. No changes.
Lowered jerk setting from 20, down to 0. No changes either.
Lowered acceleration settings from 9000 to 100. No changes either.

The part still get layer shift because of missed steps. Accelerations are still very high.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


  • You need a jerk for mathematical reasons, but not necessary 0. Depends on acceleration and will be enforced, if your jerk is smaller.

    Have you checked your eeprom. Repetier normally stores configuration values in eeprom. From repetier-host you can see all settings used from eeprom and there oyu can also change them. Changing values in configuration.h has no effect when eeprom is enabled.
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