what thermistor type number to pick?

i have gotten a new thermistor and cant figure what type number to use

before it was set to 1 

but what number do i set it to if my thermistor data is this:

100K NTC Thermistor B2-100-3950 R @ 25:K100K-1% B25/50:K3950-1%


  • You need the model name and hope it is available.

    The data you have can be used to create a generic thermistor table. In that case select generic table and enter the values in the sheet that appears once you have selected the type. It needs T0/R0 and beta. Problem with these tables is that precision is only good around T0 and gets worse to the hot end, so better solution if it is not listed it to use user defined table and copy 20-30 values from the thermistor datasheet for reistance/temperature.
  • hmm seems more easy to replace the thermistor with a know type
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