Manual bed levelling procedure (by display)

Hi Guys, i'm really new on this firmware becouse i'm migrating by marlin. i'm trying to use on my new (and first delta ) printer, it is almost working good but i have a problem with bed level procedure. i don't have z probe sensor, so i need to perform a totally manual calibration. Normally i used repetier host to go at each tower position to manual adjust the level, but i need to use only the display to perform the levelling and i don't find the way to define the tower coordinates and run the extruder at those positions.
In other words, i would set the three coordinates of the tower and by menù make them reach one by one to set the correct height. it's possibile? i did'nt understand something?

Thanks in advance


  • What do you mean with define tower coordinate? You need to go there with position x/y/z there is no way to say go to tower A, Most values can only be changed in host->eeprom so using host seems easier here. Only thing you can easy calibrate is 0 z position in the manual calibration menu.

    Especially for deltas a z probe is a very good idea as you need to test quite a lot to get geometry errors fixed.
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    Thank you  for answer. it's a shame, becouse i really want to use only the display to avoid having to connect the printer to the pc, but given my configuration i need to align Z going manually at the foot of the towers...
    you are right obviusly, but a the moment i haven't available a z proximity sensor so i'm trying in manual way.

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