Clarification needed on "High Pin Enables" when setting up Laser/CNC in Repetier firmware

Clarification needed on the meaning "High Pin Enables" when setting up the Laser and CNC in Repetier firmware.

Does "High Pin Enables" mean the firmware is waiting FOR a high signal (when enabled) from an external source meaning the firmware is WAITING for a signal before beginning, or does "High Pin Enables" mean the firmware is SENDING a high signal (when enabled) to tell the hardware to power the Spindle/Laser?

In other words, taking the Spindle as an example, say I set "High Pin Enables" and choose Digital pin 30 (PC7 on the mega 2560, an 8 bit bidirectional I/O port).
Now, does the firmware wait for a power signal to be present? (5V, 20mA) and then proceed with the operation, or does the firmware send a signal through PC7 telling the spindle to start?

And does this work the same for the Laser?


  • No, firmware never waits for signals. Is just means what it litarily says. It will enable the spindle with a high signal pin, not with a low. Firmware assumes direct action and allows adding waits to get spindle rotate on nominal speed bofore starting to move.

    For laser it is the same, excpet no waits. A laser has to go on/off instantly. For safety laser will even only be on when moving with G1/G2/G3 and disable at end of any move.
  • Excellent, Thank you!  Very good information.  Much appreciated.
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