skirt but no part

Win 7 with R-Host 1.6.0 and slic3r 1.29 with quebd one up printer.
Once 'we' figured out where 0,0,0 was things got better :)
1) when sending 'g92 x0 y0 z0' to set home, why does that not show as such in the manual control settings? Need to disconnect/reconnect to reset the display settings.
2) I set up slic3r to print a skirt or trial loop around the intended part (currently just the 0.5 alignment slice).
3) On loading the part and executing slic3r, I see the initial trial loop but not the part (small box) in the view.
4) The gcode editor shows only the loop and I can execute that.

But, where/how do you get the part to print?  Is it a slic3r issue or repetier? I would think that slic3r should have the complete gcode for the loop and the part.

Thanks for any help!


  • 1) G92 moves origin virtually, in manual control we show absolute position (or try at least).
    2-4) Your model is too thin. If it is thinner then perimeter width it will result in nothing. Especially if you have auto with slic3r tends to quite wide perimeter.
  • The file I used was '0.5mm-thin-wall.stl'. When I loaded the 'z_rod_coupling.STL' and slic3r'ed it then I saw both the perimeter laydown and the part.  So thank you, that explained what I wasn't seeing!

    Which leads to a follow-on question, how would one change the wall thickness?  Looking at the 'stl' file (rather quickly) I didn't see any reference to wall thickness directly so it must be in the coordinates.  Should look up the 'stl' spec, but I would presume they 'x,y,z' and, in this case only the thickness of what the nozzle can put out. With that in mind, I'd need to make one loop, then a 2nd with slightly modifed x and y coordinates.  That would be the hard way!
  • stl is only a collection of triangles. You need to create a new stl if you want other thickness. Lazy people might scale it which also scales wall thickness.
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