Extruder jamming on first print

Hello my extruder jammed on the first test print. Please see the video on Youtube.

There is a Kossel Mini.


Also some Pictures


Does anybody have a clue of whats my problem?

Technical data for my Kossel Mini:

nozzle 0.4 mm

Repetier firmware

Repetier host


Arduino and RAMPS 1.3

Best regards



  • Why do you post this in a "Repetier firmware" Forum? :) This seems not to be related to firmware issues and should be discussed in a more appropriate forum. 

    You may google for hot end jams for instance. Typically those hotends are pretty cheap and might be improved by some rework (i.e. drilling through it, cleaning it, deburring). There are a lot of youtube videos on that topic.
  • Thank you for the tip. how do I delete this discussion?



  • Its ok, nevermind. I dont think there is a delete function. :)
  • Jamming happens if your hot area gets too big. So lower temperature, improve cooling or google for common sultions fot that exact extruder. Each one has it's pros and cons.
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