Printing in wrong spot

I have the qu-bd 2up printer, and when I start a print, the z-axis shoots nearly to its maximum, and the other axes are wrong. I calibrated my printer multiple times manually, and it will not print relatively close to where I tell it too. Please help.


  • Think/write you you have, what happens and what you expect and change homing director or motor direction. Sounds like the current settings do not what you want, so some of them are wrongly orientated. But you did not give enough informations to help you.
  • What more information do you need to help me troubleshoot?
  • I think you shoudl start with a home G28 and check what the firmware thinks where it is (M114). Then more details always help. How do you tell where to start and where doe sit print instead, did you home before print, die G1 Z0 move to bottom ...
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