Calibration problems

I have a delta printer based on the kossel mini.

Previously, when attempting to use Repetier firmware, specifically the automated bed calibration settings would not save. So in order to try and get around this, I decided to try to manually calibrate the printer, unfortunately, in order to set the last part of manual calibration, I need to set the printer radius to set the print flat. The problem is, no matter what I set, the printer behaves as if nothing has changed!

Originally when I tried setting up the printer, I used a PRINTER_RADIUS of 221, when attempting to set the printer to (0, 0, 0). The printer radius was too large, causing the nozzle to dip lower than where it should be. In order to fix this, my guide says to decrease the printer radius. The problem is whenever I attempt to change it, nothing actually changes. 

While I've attempted to make the printer radius about 220 for EEPROM, configuration.h, and the Repetier host EEPROM configuration, the relationship between the nozzle and bed did not change. I have tried every permutation of resetting EEPROM, saving values over, resetting and reuploading firmware. I suspect at this point that the values are being accepted, but something is re-configuring or re-calculating in the background, burying the setting change.

An interesting experiment I've figured out, is as follows:

I have the radius at one setting, then I home the printer.
I change the radius value in the repetier host EEPROM configuration
I bring the printer down to the height where it should be touching the bed, and it is different from where it normally is. 
The value is different relative between the current and previous values.
I home the printer again, send it back down to meet the bed, and it is back to where it was previous to changing the configuration.

I have tested this with pronterface, and this problem still remains.


  • After changing geometry related values, you should always home. Reopening the eeprom editor Reopening the editor should then show your just entered values. For some unknown reason, some users can not send changed values for all entries. So reopeneing the editor is a good way to validate it was set correctly.
  • You can close this topic, I read the instructions on how to manually calibrate the radius wrong. Instead of measuring the center, i was supposed to measure the points near the edge of the bed
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