Internal UPS Support.

I'm new on Repetier.
I have a custom delta, based on Due (and Ramps FD v1 -ouch!-) for which I've already developed a feature for control an integrated UPS (I'm on Repetier 0.92.6).
It can be controlled by Gcode (I've used M356) and display.
Would it be of public interest?
I have a simple patch for 0.92.6 and some schematic on how to wire everything up.
Here it is: 
Thanks for your work.


  • Nice printer:-)

    Why do you need a UPS switch in firmware? Would it not just be easier to connect the main power to a UPS device?
  • Thanks! :)

    Actually that was the question I had in my mind before build this solution.
    The simple answer is: I like integrated things, I like to be able to enable or disable it just when I need (with gcode "M356 S1" before printing, "M356 S0" at print finished).
    An electronic answer is that this is more "direct and stable/clean power solution" and has less power transformation than an external UPS that has to switch 12v to 230v, and the printer switch it back to 12v.

    But, as I said, from a practical point of view, I just like integrated things, nothing more ;)
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