temperature of extruder and the heat bed(def/0)

Hi guys,I'm new and i'm a noob at 3D printer.
I've bought a kit on the internet and today I assembled it. 

But on the LCD screen the temperatures of extruder and the heat bed are def/0,I
tried to change the temperature but It didn’t work. So I checked the debugging setting
and the dry run is on, but I cant switch off , I tried some ways (keypad and repetier
host) but I cant fix it. Please excuse my bad English.


  • You have no thermistor connected to that device that shows def = defect. That is why it always enables dry run to protect the printer. So you either have not connected the thermistor or used a wrong pin or a wrong pin number.
  • i found a broken wire from extruder. thank a lot  (:
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