Do I use PRINTER_RADIUS in a wrong way?


I am callibrating my delta. First I callibrate Y distance, piece of paper, the whole thing, than I adjusted x,y and z towers.
Checking the Z hight gave me 2 mm above the bed. I gave PRINTER-RADIUS an extra 0.5, set EEPROM +1 and loaded this in my board.
Had to redo the towers again because they hit the bed now. After callibrating them , x.y.z. towers, I tested z hight and ended up with 2 mm above the bed again.
I did this 15 I times ending up with a PRINTER_RADIUS vallue from 131 to 141 every time doing the towers but I allways kept the 2 mm difference.
I use the rostock MAX assembly guide as a guide as my delta is about the same size.
Now I really dont know what to do to loose the 2 mm. I even think that if I have a constant of 2 I must be able to have a constant of 0
Any one a helpfull sugestion please?


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