Incorrect temps displayed in dual temp configurations

Once t0 or t1 is selected repetier host idiotically shows both temps as the temp of tee currently selected tool. Sometimes you're 2 layers into a large colorfabb brassfill print and you think your pva is being heated up to 225 which will likely ruin your nozzle and you quickly kill the print to cool it off and frantically try and extrude pva only to find it was just fine and only at 185 where you told it. Seriously pissed right now both at repetier host and myself since I knew the bug was there.

Also, your auto leveling sucks. The number of times I've leveled it, hit g32 s2 and then get a jammed extruder from repetier crashing the nozzle into the bed, but if I shit off auto leveling it works just fine. This is literally the only feature you should take from Marlin on Cartesian printers. Least squares would help rid some of the inaccuracies from some types of z probes. Well at least give an approximation of the whole surface and reduce z errors to a minimum...


  • Is this when printing from sd card? We found out that since the host does not see extruder switches from sd it may have a different extruder showing active and since it maps temperatures to current extruder you might get this error then. That will be changed in next host release.

  • Yes it was with an sd print. Either remove the temp display all together or show the correct ones. I've decided to ignore all temps for now. That's NOT ideal
  • New firmware and next host will have that fixed.
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