do we need more than 3 point z probing for big build printer? how to set it up?

I have configured recent firmware 0.92 for z probing, my custom made machine has 500mm build platform ( XYZ 500MM,500MM,500MM) I have observed that z probing does not work perfectly for such a big bed with 3 point sensing ( z speed 2mm / sec with 5 samples each point) . 
(I am using inductive sensor PNP 8mm with dual head machine. My XY sensor offset if 85mm and 20mm respectively. )

do i need more than 3 location test for outbid levelling if yes how to enable that in repeatier firmware?


  • Autoleveling puts a straight plane as result and this needs exactly 3 points. With more points (currently not supported) you would still get a plane just with minimizing the error across all points. The host has a height map feature you can use to check how heights are distributed. Use this to select 3 points of average heigth for leveling to get best result from it.

    In a later version we might port the z distortion correction to cartesian printers so head would follow bumps and reduce the error over height.
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