timeout during pid tune

I changed to heat manager 3 and wanted to get the right PID numbers

i change to heat mangager in firmware and give command:

M303 S230 C8

copy of my config: http://pastebin.com/A9yjhEaJ

what could be the issue here?


  • think i found the error.... thermal contact with the fins section on my e3d..

    the fins where VERY hot.... will let it cool and create som distance
  • yep that was it.... just 1-2 distance does the trick
  • i look at this guide in how to go from PID to dead time....

    i can understand that you set the graph for 1 min, and that you make 2 straight lines croos... but still not sure how to get the right dead time number

    is dead time and P in PID the same?
  • M303 doe snot work for dead time only pid.

    Dead time is stored where P is stored for PID, but the meaning is different. Deat time P is the time between enabling heater and seeing a change in temperature curve, so it is simply a delay between changing heater and seeing the result.
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