First printer layer + Z Probe offset + no idea what to do

Hey guys,

I have a friend that has been giving me a hand with setting up auto bed leveling and Repetier firmware.

The auto bed leveling works fine. My first layer consistently starts about 2mm above the bed (So, I'm printing in the air). We've changed several settings and we end up getting the same results over and over. Personally, I'm fed up with the entire process. I left Marlin behind to be done with this exact issue and here we are again! lol

I'll paste my firmware here and hopefully someone can make some sense of it and hopefully give me a hand. I'd greatly appreciate it, in fact!

I put it in pastebin (I think I did it right) please help!!!

Printer: Mendel 90, 12V, HBP, Azteeg x3 pro board, Kraken hot end with only 2 nozzles setup, water cooled, using an induction sensor instead of a servo and switch for the auto bed leveling routine.

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