0.92.6 no go, how to revert to 0.92.5

Dear all,

sorry if this is already handled elsewhere, but I failed to use the forum search function to find version strings, presumably because I failed to escape the dot in the search term...

It was quite easy for me to use web configuration to configure firmware 0.92.5 for my RADDS board with LCD controller.
Using the web configuration (starting with existing json) to configure 0.92.6 results in subsequent compilation errors about:

'UI_TEXT_KILLED' was not declared in this scope

Now as I do not have a link for the old versions configurator I am somehow stuck.

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  • There is only one config tool for 0.92.

    Now that I know there is problem with KILL_METHOD 0 I have fixed the sources accordingly, so you can now compile 0.92.6

    Seems like users normally use method 1 - not sure why someone should use 0. I see no advantage in that solution.
  • I am not exactly sure what the KILL_METHOD is about; I assume it is the part where I choose to reset instead of simply shutting done heaters.
    I chose this method because even after reset it automatically turns on my extruder fan, as long as the temperature is still too high. "Pulling the plug" on everything would mean that remaining head might creep up the hot end, which I though might be a risk for filament jam.
    In fact I've only tried this method, and as it had the fan automatism working well, I stayed with it w/o checking alternatives.

    Thank you,
  • I can confirm that 0.92.6 now works for me (at least compiles and starts printer, menu and preheating...).

    Thank you again,
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