Got perfect first layer height....


Are there a command that homes Z and tell me what my Z height should be?

I used G92 to get my First layer height perfect.... of course now i want to adjust my Z height so i have it right

are there a trick or command to figure it?


  • You mean you had something like
    G1 Z0.12
    G92 Z0

    that works good and now it should have that height after homing?

    For zmax homing change zlength, for zmin homing increase

    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 0

    by the value. This gets added after homing before defining position as zero.

  • Yeah, but how do i figure my Z lenght?

    if i do G28 Z it will just go up and screw up my Z height

    what i was after is a command that goes up from where Z is now and  tells me how far it got up

    i will then take that new number and put in as my Z height
  • i can of course just go up in steps of 10mm and then 1mm and end up with steps of 0.01mm until i get to the switch

    a command that goes up until it gets to the switch would be more simple and faster
  • Just send M114 to see where you are. If you changed Z with G92 you also know how much you changed. Then decrease zlength by that value. In lcd configuration menu you also have a menu entry for this, but no gcode command.
  • problem i cant remember what i did... only know that the current height is the right one

    i dont have a LCD

  • So only M114 as a solution to see your position. If you used host it will always show correct Z including all G92.
  • no i can see my posistion

    i can then go up 10mm or 100mm and se my new pos...

    could have been very nice with a command that goes up until it hits endstop, 

  • ended up with going up in steps of 10

    then as i got close to Z max i was going in steps of 1

    last i was going up in steps of 0.1 until the switch clicked....

    of course i could have done it in steps of 0.01 but i will do after a firmware upload... i just downloaded the lastest code 
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