Configuration Tool: Can I have a "user settings" field?

I like the configurator much, but have some custom settings I couldn't find in the configurator (Fan 2 for cooling the hotend, I use an unusual thermistor pin on Rumba, etc).

I would like to have a "custom settings" field in the configurator where I can put these more or less as copy&paste-text. Maybe it would be possible to put these at the beginning of the configuration.h file the configuration tool generates. Maybe these custzom settings could be re-read from that file when a new version of the firmware is there.

This would make updating a custzomized configuration much easier.

Thanks anyway for a great piece of software, Ralf



  • Ok, maybe a simple custom field that gets written 1:1 make sense in expert mode.

    Anyhow for cooling fan or thermistor pin this is not really needed. You can always select the real pin from the list as well, so you do not depend on pins.h names. So you do not need to use FAN_2 but can also use Digital pin 66 (just example) instead.
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