Any good Idea how to flash 3d printer board from android tablet device?

HI there. done some little changes in firmware and want to flash 3d printer, but my pc and 3d printer are in different rooms. I wont disassemble 3d printer to bring board to pc than upload new firmware.
Can I flash firmware from android tablet to 3d printer board?


  • Never heard it is possible. If your printer is connected using our server you can use the server to flash firmware. But the server requires Windows, Mac or Linux (e.g. on a Raspberry Pi 2)
  • I installed RH server on octopi, how can I flash printer with new firmware?

  • Ok I`m done here. 
  • Check the manual it is described there. In short upload the binary you created on your computer. The config file is not a firmware, whcih is your problem here.
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