stuck on full step

Hi there,

This is my first build of a 3d printer,
the build is a prusa i2 with ramps1.4 on a mega board,
i use A4988 stepper drivers,
nema17 motors with 200steps/rev,
X and Y axis has GT2 belt with 20tooth drives and Z axis is 1:1 with m8-1,25 rod.

My problem seems to be with the resolution of microstepper, I have been playing with this thing for a few days now and can´t get it to work!

My X and Y axis should have 80steps/mm (200*16 / (2*20) = 80).
But to get my printer to move correctly I have to put in 5steps/mm (200*1 / (2*20) = 5).
It´s also tha same for my Z axis, have to use 160step/mm instead of 2560step/mm.

In my head this means that my printer only works in full steps and not 1/16 steps.

the printout is ok, but the printer shakes a lot and sounds really rough.

My question is, how do i change it to use 1/16 steps?


  • Depends on the board. Most boards need to add 3 jumpers per stepper driver for 1/16 steps. Without jumpers it is full step mode. These jumpers are often below the stepper drivers as 2x3 rows.
  • Oh my god, would you look at that!!
    I have been playing with the FW for days and googling my brains out!! never even questioned those rows of jumpers..

    Well, thank you so mutch for this easy fix!
  • It's 3am in the morning and this little tiny post has completely fixed all my problems. I bought a ramps 1.4 board from sainsmart and in their tutorial on how to set it up they failed to mention those 3 little posts. I have been scouring forums trying to figure out how to initiate 1/16 Steps. So thank you so much and I hope others find this post too.
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