Z probes in front of bed by 5 mm

Z axis probes in front of the Bed by about 5 mm so the sensor does not detect the bed. How can I get the bed to move forward 5mm before z probe?


  • You have defined 3 probing points in config and eeprom. Change the coordinates there so you hit bed. Or modify y homing to go 5 mm back after homehit.
  • Cirrently 
    #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_MOVE 5

    Dhould I set it to 
    #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_MOVE 15 to move the toward the extruder by an additional 10mm?

  • No,you need to increase

    #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_ON_HOME 1

  • I changed 
    #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_ON_HOME 1
    #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_ON_HOME 10
    it works perfectly.
    The bed slides forward under the inductive sensor and I have consistent height and objects print well.
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