Filament Use (amount used)

Printer: DaVinci 1.0A
Mac OSX ElCapitan
Repetier Firmware 0.92

When finished printing, the accumulated total of filament printed is displayed.  I want to reset that amount (so I can track usage on individual reels of filament).  How to do this?  I searched the site but found nothing...  I don't see an M-code or info about what coding to change...


  • It is stored in eeprom, so just open eeprom editor to change it to 0. Then you also see the command send in log to do so. M206 ....
  • Thank you.

    First thing I did was M206  - that displayed a Transformation Matrix (several values but nothing I needed).

    Then, in Config.h I set Eeprom to 0 (it was 1) and uploaded.  Received compile error saying sdeeprom error from HAL.h and requiring setting Eeprom to 1.

    So, I'm not sure what M206 was supposed to do (regarding being able to reset filament print use to zero) as well as the eeprom error...
  • Follow up - M206 is correct; just needed to use correct arguments... Thanks
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