Is there any way to preheat the bed and extruder automatically when I turn on the printer? I'm using a Da Vinci 1.0.



  • Latest 0.92.6 has a START_GCODE option where you could put the command in, but be aware that this only works if controller only works with full power. If it already enables with usb power you get a heater decoupled.

    Also be aware that this is dangerous since reconnect would also turn on heaters so you often have heaters on even not wanted.

    So, yes possible if you know what you are doing.
  • Thanks.  I think that I will leave it alone.  

    I have a few more questions that you might be able to help me with.  When I print something I have the skirt enabled but it usually doesn't print it right and it messes up the bottom of my print.  It is like the printer is not forcing out the fillament good enought and what it does push out is only around the thickness of a human hair.
  • The skirt is meant to catch up oozed filament from heating. So at the beginning it is very thin but should get to normal thickness when skirt is finished. SLic3r has a nice option to not only say the loops but also how much it must extrude at least, which is more important.

    If you are too close to bed extrusion may also be nearly impossible.
  • I did the manual calibration with a piece of paper. I'll have to try setting an amount.

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