RAMBo 1.1b thermistor pins 1 and 2 swapped?

Hi, I'm rebuilding a delta printer around a RAMBo 1.1b board, and I'm finding the temperature sensor pins aren't behaving right: T1 and T2 seem to be swapped around.  Note that the T0 ADC on this board got fried by the previous owner, but otherwise the board seems fine.  I'm therefore using the following physical pin layout:

T0: broken
T1: hot-end thermistor
T2: bed thermistor
T3: unused

I'm using Repetier Firmware 0.92, with Configuration.h initially generated by the online configurator, but modified by hand by me.  The extruder and bed sensor pins are defined as follows:


However, the temperature readings reported by the firmware are swapped around, and temperature control does not work.  Looking around the source, I find that pins.h has the following for the RAMBo:

#define TEMP_0_PIN     0
#define TEMP_1_PIN     2
#define TEMP_2_PIN     1
#define TEMP_3_PIN     7

This seems to disagree with http://reprap.org/wiki/Rambo_development which has:

90     PF7 ( ADC7/PCINT15 )     Analog pin 7     Thermistor 3, Analog-Ext 5
91     PF6 ( ADC6/PCINT14 )     Analog pin 6     Analog-Ext 3
92     PF5 ( ADC5/TMS )     Analog pin 5     Analog-Ext 8
93     PF4 ( ADC4/TMK )     Analog pin 4     Analog-Ext 6
94     PF3 ( ADC3 )     Analog pin 3     Analog-Ext 4
95     PF2 ( ADC2 )     Analog pin 2     Thermistor 2
96     PF1 ( ADC1 )     Analog pin 1     Thermistor 1
97     PF0 ( ADC0 )     Analog pin 0     Thermistor 0

Similarly, the RAMBo 1.1b schematic has:

THERM0    A0
THERM1    A1
THERM2    A2
THERM3    A7

The current github version of Repetier Firmware's pins.h has:

#define TEMP_0_PIN     0
#define TEMP_1_PIN     2
#define TEMP_2_PIN     1

I could be wrong, but it looks like TEMP_1_PIN and TEMP_2_PIN are incorrectly swapped in the firmware.  Also, what happened to TEMP_3_PIN?  I also noticed some rogue ^M characters in pins.h right where those pins are defined!  Bad commit, maybe?

Thanks for any help you can offer,


  • Temp 3 is in my pins.h.

    You are right that the T1/T2 are swapped in naming at least. I have added some comments into pins.h so users find it easier with next update.

    I will not change this, since users from the last years have wired it according to this scheme and it also makes sense if you do not think. With the swapped design extruder 0/1 have T0/T1 and bed has T2 so you get on board the same ordering. If you go into details like you did it might in deed get a bit confusing.
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