ilios 3d printer

Hi everyone, new to the site and looking for information.

As the title says I have recently acquired an ilios 3d printer, high quality I believe. but basically I have general basic back round in cnc and not huge knowledge in 3D printing! With this machine came arduino to modify and edit the firmware the machine runs on, I have solid works to create drawing and parts and at the moment I'm using slic3r to covert to g-code and running pronterface to the machine. I'm looking for someone who can help me configure the z axis! I can get my machine to home itself and then start printing, but the z axis keeps moving in a downward direction towards the bed when it should be moving upwards, the end stop is on the top of the machine and when I home it moves to this end stop, when printing starts it moves to the bed and starts printing but z axis keeps moving downward into the bed when it should be going upwards, any help on this?


  • Sounds like your directions are misconfigured. There is an option to invert z direction. Homing direction must be 1 for max z endstop. Make sure you also have set z max endstop, I guess you have z direction wrong and also home direction wrong so homing works as you expect, also it is defined as z min endstop.
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