Change filament load/Unload speed and distance


Where in firmware can I change the loading speed when I select the change filament option (no eprom"able" settings,  no host, just printer)

What is happening is that it loads to fast, and when the cold filament reaches the heat block, it doesn't heat as quick as it's moving, and start to grind in the motor, and starts to create particles in the motor wheel.

Other thing!
Can I also change the unload distance? the default is to short for my custom extruder?

I would like to down the speed a little bit to prevent grinding and up the distance of unload a lot bit to remove the filament completely! (it's for "stupid" users, so it needs to be "one click to go")

Thanks in advance! 


  • It uses the values from G10/G11 retraction. There is a filamentchange short and long distance.

    We will upgrade filamentchange in the near future to a better solution.
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