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First of all thank you for your great programs. I'm using host and firmware and I plan to setup a rPI with server too. So.. Great work!

I'd like a feature in the firmware configurator: the ability to set the default language for the UI. Now it defaults to english (or the first one) but I'd like to set it to another language.

Thank you!


  • There is no default language. If you have more then one language compiled, the first run asks for the language and that is used after that until you go in configuration and change it. If you have no eeprom only use one language.
  • I just tried. I changed the eeprom value (so eeprom values were erased) and activated english and italian. At first run the language was set to english, so I had to go and change.
    I just think it's easier if you just put the value in the configuration too, since I think it is then stored in the eeprom.
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