2nd extruder moves also X

First of all thank you for your great programs. I'm using host and firmware and I plan to setup a rPI with server too. So.. Great work!
I just finished assembling a dual-extruder printer. It's my first 2 extruders printer, so I can also have messed something.
First of all, the printer has an Arduino mega with version 0.92.6 of repetier firmware and a RAMPS 1.4.

Anyway, the problem is that if I try to move the second extruder through the LCD everything goes smoothly. If, on the other end, I choose to move it from repetier host, the X motor moves too.

Is there a sort of bug in the code? I updated the program today.


  • The extruder is supposed to move on extruder switch. Each extruder has a x/y offset and selecting one extruder moves it such that the active nozzle is exactly where the previous active nozzle was. I assume that is what you see?
  • Ok, I tried it further. The problem arises only when the printer was not homed.

    1) if the printer was homed, changing extruder moves the X axis so that the extruder is aligned with the previous one. Then extruder movements work as expected
    2) if the printer was not homed, changing the extruder does NOT move the carriage. The movement is cached and then performed with the next command (which is "move the extruder motor"). This way the first extrusion movement is together with the X axis movement.

    I couldn't understand if it is a host or firmware problem, since resetting the host also resets the firmware counters.
  • Ah yes, homing is important otherwise position is unknown. Didn't know that the move was then delayed.
  • Yes, I know, and probably in a "real world" scenario this will rarely happen. But sometimes you just want to load the filament before a print, so you haven't homed yet and.. You get this behavior ;)
  • I will check it. I guess it should move always if you switch. If you do before homing it is on own risk then:-)
  • Yes, exactly like the moving commands ;) after all, if it hits the endstop it automatically stops, so there won't be any real issues. 
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