heat bed and extruder

Prusa i3 P802D/S using a Melzi board.
I have been using this machine for about 3 weeks now with out any problems other than learning the process.
Today while printing for about 3 hours on various experiment designs, for no apparent reason the heat bed and extruder refused to heat up.
I checked voltage to melzi board and it was ok. Also reloaded Repetier software.
Every else seems to be working ok.
I can switch the heat bed and extruder on and off but nothing happens.

Has any body got any helpful clues for this old bloke?


  • Try enabling/disabling dry run in manual tab (expert mode). In dry run mode heaters and extruders are ignored. In some seldom configurations this seems to happen sometimes for unknown reason. Also check the log for "dry" or "disabled" or "error" after enabling file logging in repetier preferences. There are also other reasons like decoupling detection that could enable dry run.
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