FSR Auto level

Can anyone point me to a doc that describes how to set up auto level using 3 FSR sensors on a delta with repetier firmware? A brief description could help too if there is no doc. I can't seem to find anything really, other than small tidbits that suggest its supported with not much info on how to set it up. If it helps I can try to write something up after I get pointed in the right direction and get it working.


  • It must be one digital output (fsr normally has a analog resistance so you need some electronic to convert it to 5v/0v) regardless which one triggers. So combine all 3 in parallel. Except that it is like normal calibration. Make sure extruder is hot while probing since filament drop at nozzle whould otherwise change height.
  • I just came across this thread and have been working on making an automatic bed leveling system that works on my home brew delta printer running Repetier. I started with an FSR on one of the delta towers between the carriage and the belt drive but moved on due to concerns about adding mass to the moving parts and difficulty getting consistent readings. Next, tried load beam sensors under the bed with an HX711 chip. That turned out to be way too slow to be practical (almost a 10th of a second to get a reading from the HX711). Have now moved to FSRs under the bed with a few modifications to the Repetier code and am getting appropriate high/low values when sending G31. I only had 2 FSRs so will need to take delivery of the third one before completing the actual test, should arrive this week. I'd be happy to share what steps were required to get it working if you haven't found the solution first.
  • I think a lot of people would benefit from a guide on how to get FSR's to work with Repetier, especially the UltiBots kit. 

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