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I have a Shapeoko CNC machine. Are there any instructions on setting up Reptier-Firmware specifically for a CNC only machine? I have setup my 3D printer (my own Marlin deriviative) with RepFirm but as I wouldn't need most (any) of the 3D settings I am confused as to what I need to do to setup the firmware using the online tool.

Any help would be appreciated! :D


  • In version 0.92.6 we have added a cnc mode for this. To activate send M453. In config tool you can define your spindle connection for this case. It adds commands M3, M4 and M5 to control a spindle like other CNC software does. Also do nor forget to include arc support. Then you should be able to do some easy cnc things. The biggest problem left is getting start condition with object placement and tool length.

    In online tool select in tools tab cnc mode and then you can define your spindle control pins and get the above commands.
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    Which file format of vectric aspire accepts Repeater for CNC carve? I have tried Cam-Wood Postprocessor (txt), but appears some glitches. The glitch looks as too short bed in the direction X. It comes to the middle of the X axis and then goes to Y direction. It looks, that is bed length problem.
    I have provided length as next
    #define X_MAX_LENGTH 350
    #define Y_MAX_LENGTH 700

    But looks, that it see only 200mm on X direction. Maybe there is additional function for bed leveling?
    Same file works perfect with Grbl Controller

    Solved! I have found a length configuration at firmware configurations ALT+E. ))

    Thank you!

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