Exploring the Transition to Repetier Firmware Dev2 for My 3D Printer

I have been using Repetier firmware on my home 3D printer for a long time, and overall, I am satisfied with it. Although I print items quite rarely, from project to project. Now, I am thinking about diving a bit deeper into how the printer works, and I noticed that we have a dev2 branch of Repetier firmware that looks complete. However, it is still marked as in development, and on your website, you still refer to the old version. Why is that?

Now that I am interested in delving into the hardware and firmware of the printer, is it worth trying to switch my printer to the new version?

I have experience in hardware programming and ready for some tinkering with MCU, although I don't understand much about CNC machines and movement algorithms. So in case of motion planning bugs I will be quite helpless. 


  • Also it is complete for supported hardware, we have not enough time to develop it further with new features. We mainly do bug fixes if some were detected. So if you have supported hardware and features are what you need it is ok to use it. Also it is much easier to add new features with the new firmware logic if you are a programmer.

    If you need an unsupported newer board or unsupported features it might be better so switch to an alternative firmware.
  • Thank you :) 
    I'll continue my reseacrch then
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