CoreXY Loss of steps

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Hello. I assembled printer CoreXY. And set Repetier-Firmware configuration tool for version 0.91 Rev 8. But during testing, I found that one of the stepper motors work with a great loss of steps. I tried all the variants. But I did not find parameter STEP_HIGH_DELAY. Whether it can be the cause of problems ???


  • Yes it solves the problem, but is named STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY in configuration.h. Normally 1 is enough for coreXY to run stable.

    /** If your stepper needs a longer high signal then given, you can add a delay here.
    The delay is realized as a simple loop wasting time, which is not available for other
    computations. So make it as low as possible. For the most common drivers no delay is needed, as the
    included delay is already enough.
    #define STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY 0
  • Thank you for your answer ! I installed the drivers from Pololu DRV8825. Mikrostep set 1/32, Stepper Motor 1.7a.

    is that enough value STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY 1 in my case?
  • Officially they need 1.8us so maybe even 2 is required for these drivers. Just increase if it is still missing steps.
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