M226: Wait for pin state

It is nice to have servos for automation and command like M42 and M340 to controll external things like motors and pumps and so. But there is no way to wait for a signal that the external things are ready. M226 Psss Ssss would enable this, and make integration with other sensors and equipment possible.


  • Ok, have added it for the next update 0.92.6.

    Only thing that might be a problem is that it does not set a pin to input. That still has to occur somewhere and also with the right mode. Could be with or without pullup.So I added a parameter X. 

    no X set: don't change input mode
    X0 : Input no pullup
    X1 : Input with pullup

  • Hi,

    I upgraded to 0.92.8, but M226 results in an Unknown command
  • My fault. I named it M228:-( Have just uploaded new version where it is correctly set to M226.
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