Camera without printer

I have several printers connected to the repetier-server, and in addition to the camera for each printer, I also have an "overview" camera installed (and a camera for the SLA printer). I would also like to have these cameras in the repetier server. Is there any way to view the camera without assigning it to a specific printer?
Alternatively, I can think of the possibility of installing a "dummy" printer, but unfortunately the repetier will not display the image if the printer is offline. Is there any way around it?
Thanks in advance for the ideas...


  • Not as you think but 2 solutions:
    1. Dummy printer - user serial and select serial cartesian as port which is a virtual printer for testing. So this can be active.
    2. Printers can have multiple cameras (pro version) so assign all printers a second camera. It always starts with cam 1 but clicking on camera image switches between available webcams. It is ok if multiple printers share same webcam so no problem here.
  • Great! 
    Multiple cameras i use and for overview cam it was "last choice"...
    VirtualCartesian serial port is a good solution.
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