"Could not activate z" after trying to callibrate Z=0 and probe height on Sparkcube V1.1XL

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Hello there!

I am rather new to 3d-printing. A few months ago I got a 3D-Printer with repetier firmware on an arduino Due.
It's an open source DIY Printer (Sparkcube V1.1XL).

A few weeks I hat to change the Hotend to a different one which is a bit shorter. So the Z=0 wasn't correct anymore. 
I tried callibrating the Z height and the IR probe height but when doing so, the menu closes and the message "Could not activate z" appears.

I've done the following: (My printer menu is german, sorry if the translations don't match 100%)
Settings>Callibrate Z>Home All>Z Height>Z Height fine>Z=0>Z probe height>(Error)

I honestly don't have any experience with the printer, repetier or gcode, hope anyone can help me here :)

If you need any other info, just tell me.

regards, Niklas :smile:
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