Confirm tool change with Repetier Host

I am Using SKR Pro 1.2 with Marlin on a MPCNC, controlled by Repetier Host. Code is generated either by Fusion 360 or Estlcam.
When it comes to a tool change, CNC stops. After I change the Tools, i see no possibility to continue to run CNC. Workaround so far to seperate the gcode into several parts an run them one after the other. Is there any solution to select "continue" on my PC with Repetier Host?


  • What do you add for pause?
    In repeiter-host you would insert
    @pause ;
    to add a pause that is controlled by host. Other solutions might need interaction on printer lcd instead.
  • Generated with Estlcam, the interrupt looks like this:

    G00 Z10.0000
    ;No. 4: Teil 1
    ;Change tool: FlatEnd_2_straight
    G00 X39.9793 Y61.9900 Z10.0000

    Should it look like this?

    G00 Z10.0000

    ;No. 4: Teil 1
    ;Change tool: FlatEnd_2_straight
    G00 X39.9793 Y61.9900 Z10.0000

    Thanks a lot for your help in this matter
  • I do not know, how Marlin translate these M-commands.
    Unfortunately I do not have a display.

  • Notes on M0 from Marlin:

    Without an LCD controller or EMERGENCY_PARSER this command is ignored.

    With EMERGENCY_PARSER enabled the M108 command can be used to continue.

    So you can try sending M108 but not sure how emergency support is in host. I know I added it for Repetier-Server but @pause is in both cases the better solution here.

  • I will try tonight (German time)

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