Z-probing trouble

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Today I set up repetier on my printer. 
Everything works fine except for the z probing function.

When I run it after homing first the printhead moves 300 mm to the right (with the origin on the front left) It stops shortly at about 150 but measures at 300.
then it moves 100 more to the right, but then I stop it otherwise it crashes.

I've played around with the probing points but it doesn't seem to change a lot.

Does anyone see what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :)
Im using .91 firmware and G29 to probe

#define Z_PROBE_PULLUP 0
#define Z_PROBE_ON_HIGH 0
#define Z_PROBE_X_OFFSET -100
#define Z_PROBE_Y_OFFSET 0
#define Z_PROBE_SPEED 2
#define Z_PROBE_XY_SPEED 100
#define Z_PROBE_HEIGHT 0
#define Z_PROBE_X1 10
#define Z_PROBE_Y1 20
#define Z_PROBE_X2 220
#define Z_PROBE_Y2 20
#define Z_PROBE_X3 200
#define Z_PROBE_Y3 230


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    First, verify that your probe is working with a G31. Does it toggle correctly? If you have a mechanical normally closed probe like mine, then #define Z_PROBE_PULLUP needs to be set to 1 before G31 will respond correctly. 

    If G31 toggles correctly, what is the "resting" state? If it's H (high) then #define Z_PROBE_ON_HIGH needs to be set to 1. To me this is backwards, but that's the way it works. In my opinion, if your resting state is High then Z_PROBE_ON_HIGH should be off, or 0. Whatever.

    After you get #define Z_PROBE_PULLUP and #define Z_PROBE_ON_HIGH figured out then start correcting your offsets and probe locations, which are really far apart right now. 

    Start with setting your offsets to 0. Your -100mm X offset is probably a ballpark guess, and you should really just start with 0. Then....change your probe points to something more like:
    #define Z_PROBE_X1 0
    #define Z_PROBE_Y1 -50
    #define Z_PROBE_X2 -50
    #define Z_PROBE_Y2 50
    #define Z_PROBE_X3 50
    #define Z_PROBE_Y3 50

    Finally...consider moving to revision .92. It has some significant improvements over .91. 
  • Also check eeprom values if enabled. And yes 0.92 is better with z probing. Many issues fixed.
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    Thanks for the help! 
    The sensor works and reacts fine, It's also used as z min. Also when I run a g31 it goes about 120 to the right and does a normal probe.

    The main problem that i am having is that it probes in the wrong places, and tries to run outside my printer.
    No matter what I change it keeps going to the same points..

    I did just install 0.92.5 but it didn't change anything regarding this issue

  • A z probe makes no sense as z min endstop. That will only give troubles if your bed is not leveled 100% and if it is leveled it makes no sense to have a z probe. You need z max endstop and home to z max with bed leveling.

    Updating does not erase eeprom, so have you looked into eeprom for the coordinates? Also check z probe offset which gets added to the moves when probing.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    The values in eeprom are still the same as they were the first time. So should I erase eeprom everytime I update my configuration.h? And how is this done?

    In marlin I had it setup the same way and that worked fine. My z axis is 300 mm so it will take a really long time to go up and down every time.
    Can it be done this way with repetier? 

  • You can copy values from config to eeprom with

    Using z min and z probe works under some special conditions like z probe higher then nozzle like inductive probes and you have to take special care about positions where you home. If bed is tilted different positions home at different heights and only after homing the autolevel is enabled. So make sure you have xyz homing and only home when not touching the bed while xy homing. That you could do it. But I have no printer to test such a setup so I can not help here.
  • Thanks for the help! the probing now works fine.
    The only thing is that it seems like it doesn't use the information gathered using the probing to adjust the z axis? can this be?

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    What are you trying to do? Level the bed or build a height map? They are different. 

    G32 is what you use to level the bed, and it should update your transformation matrix. This will not change the z height. Use G32 S2 if you want to store your transformation matrix to eeprom. Or, alternatively, run G32 then run M500. I think that should do the same thing. 

    If you enabled Z-correction, G29 builds a height map. This WILL change your z height. By default it will get saved to your eeprom automatically (unless you unchecked "Store correction data in eeprom" in the firmware configurator).
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