Advance option questions

What are these for? and how are they best configured for Delta? (I have a due+RADDS)
#define EXT0_ADVANCE_K 0
#define EXT0_ADVANCE_L 0
#define USE_ADVANCE 0


  • These control pressure to prevent thickeneing of extrusion and this increasing quality. For this they slow down or even retract the higher the values get. L is for linear dependend on speed and K for nonlinear depending on speed. Search reprap forum for more details.

    That said, I never could get it working successfull with any bowden setup normally used on deltas. The bowden adds so much way to extrude that the extruders can not successfully follow the movements that would be required. More likely is that you flex your filament so extruder stucks. This is more a thing for direct extruders with short way between motor and nozzle.
  • Hello.
    Please tell us how to compensate for the nonlinear feed of the rod in the printer with a bowden extruder.
    I'll write everything I found out:

    1) For the correction of non-uniform feed, the following parameters are met:

    For linear correction it is necessary to use:
    #define USE_ADVANCE 1
    #define EXT0_ADVANCE_L 0

    For nonlinear correction
    #define USE_ADVANCE 1
    #define EXT0_ADVANCE_L 0
    #define EXT0_ADVANCE_K 0

    The value of L = 10-50, the value of K = 0-1

    2) Teams for work
    M205 - Output EEPROM settings
    M206 - Set EEPROM value

    M232 - Read and reset max. advance values
    M233 X <AdvanceK> Y <AdvanceL> - Set temporary advance K-value to X and linear term advanceL to Y

    Now the questions are:

    1) Is there a technique for configuring parameters L and K?

    2) Found an article (, but the "Test generator" did not find it relevant, and where can I download it?

    3) Is it possible to apply the methodology ( to configure the L parameter, they even have the generator ( html), of course with the replacement of M900 by M233

    4) What is the range of L and K?

    5) What other printer parameters need to be changed?

    Key features of my printer:

    Kinematics H-boot, working field 210х210х204, extruder bowden, tube length about 90 cm.
    The printer electronics is based on ramps 1.5 and arduino due, the extruder driver   DRV8825 (32 microsteps) .

    Thanks for reading!

  • Don't use quadratic advance. In V2 we have completely removed it. It is just getting fast too high to handle being quadratic.

    L can be estimated good with 3). Used it as well for my printers.

    L Range depends on extruder type and distance motor-nozzle. Direct extruder are around 40 (at least my extruder is) for PLA.

    No other dependencies.
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