Autolevel Renkforce RF1000

Hi. I am using Conrads printer Renkforce RF1000.
I have read some posts about autolevel the bed before printing. I also intend to use an iductive probe but the problem is that there are no space for mounting that.
There are an option to scan the heatbed from the printers button and it works well but take a lot of time. About a half an hour to complete the scan. The extruder is mounted on a "bridge" with force sensors and calculate a compensation matris to be send to the printer after completed scan.
My question is if it is possible to do a faster scan before a print by change the code? I have seen some youtubes where a really fast scan are done with deltaprinters before they printout. I wish I had the same fast scan :)
I am not a coder but I understand some stuff.



  • RF1000 uses a derivative of repetier firmware based on old 0.91 code with heavy modifications like the scan you mention. Since we did not code this we can not say anything about this. Better ask in RF1000 github repository.
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