Delta Endstop Configuration

If you have a Delta machine (Kossel, Rostock) then you probably have max endstops set up at the top of your machine.

What really confused me is how Repetier understands these endstops. The truth is, it's pretty simple. It's not treated like a cartesian printer, where Z is vertical. Z is usually your back post.

So, my machine has endstops at the top, and a effector probe (Z Probe). Typical of most Deltas. Here's how it's set up:

X Min: Not Installed
Y Min: Not Installed
Z Min: Not Installed
X Max: Yes (Mine are mechanical, normally closed)
Y Max: Yes (Mine are mechanical, normally closed)
Z Max: Yes (Mine are mechanical, normally closed)

Z Probing:
Z-Probe Enabled: Yes
Z-Probe Pin: Z Min


  • I should also add for Z-Probing with a standard, mechanically closed switch you need to:

    Enable Pullup Resistor for probe pin: Yes
    Probe Triggers on High: Yes 

    I'm not sure why Probe Triggers on High needs to be enabled, since my probe is high (H) in it's resting state...but whatever, it works with my normally closed switch. 

  • Hey there,
     I have the Geeetech G2S with the Delta print config, the printer comes with Marlin, would you recommend using the Repetier rather than the Marlin ?
  • Yes. Marlin is old. Any "new" versions were modified old versions that still suffer from the same compiling issues and poor segment quality. Repetier Firmware is easier to configure, easier to adjust and has a great host interface. 
  • Hello sir,
    I've made a Delta printer based on uDelta (micro delta). All parts work well, but the Z-axis!! It moves upward, perfectly, but in the reverse direction it has no move and because of other axis moving, the effector move to the non-centered position. So, I couldn't calibrate it yet.

    Please help!

    Thank you
  • Check pcb and driver, especially the direction pin. Sounds like the direction pin does not get set so it still moves up instead of down. YOu might select E1 socket for z axis as a counter test.
  • I never had luck with Auto-Level using my shitty mechanical endstop as a Z-Probe. I finally broke down (8 months later) and ordered myself the FSR Kit from UltiBots.

    It might be a little tricky to set up, but I'm really looking forward to a high accuracy Z-Probe. Hopefully it works out all easy like. 
  • Hi, I build an home made delta printer and for the occasion wrote a simple tutorial to explain how to configure end stops in this printer model. If you need, give a look at the following link:

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