The viewport in the application does not work

please, help.
I can't use the app Repetier
The 3D model viewing area does not work. the window freezes. the application itself works.
Repetier latest version 32b
platform: windows7 32b


  • When you disable easy mode and check the console start, does it say it uses hardware opengl or is it using softwarre renderer and what version is the opengl driver? Must be 1.5 hardware rendering or higher, software rendering does not work.
  • the console in the application writes:
    "OpenGL version: 1.4.0
    OpenGL renderen​​: Intel 945GM"
    I don’t understand how to change the render driver.
  • OpenGL comes with the driver for your graphic card, so try to find the latest version for Windows 7 and hope it has a newer version. 1.4 should already work but not with all features as it does not have some buffers needed to make it quick.
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