All extruders working at the same time

Hi all ..i am very new to multi extruder printing and have just aquired a HE3D EI3 tricolour and i am having an issue with all extruder motors working at the same time..i can control all other aspects of the printer through repetier server but can figure out why all extruders go at the same is a 3-1 hotend ...i would be very greatfull for any help...thanks


  • You have configured it as mixing extruder and default setting is all move same amount. If this is not possible it is better to define instead 3 extruders with shared heater. Then you can also have activate/deactivate commands to move the filament out of the way. 
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    Thatnks i am very new to this syle of printing and not sure how or where to do this
  • In tools tab you activate "Extruders share same heater from extruder 0 definition (SHARED_EXTRUDER_HEATER)" and define 3 extruders with same heater and thermistor settings and remove option "Mixing Extruder (1 Nozzle/heater + 2 or more filament feeder) (MIXING_EXTRUDER)"
  • Thanyou so much for you help.. ill see how i get on much appreciated
  • Is there a file or a guide i can follow or something i can download with presets for my HE3D tricolor? .. i still cant get this to work have set 3 extruders and that they share same extruder nozzel but still all 3 go at same time.
  • Make sure you have not MIXING_EXTRUDER selected - this means have all same time according to mixing ratio set. You want 3 pure extruders just sharing a heater.
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