How to make situation on photos of testcube better?

Yep this looks terrible, I know... But, I'am be very gratefull if anyone or somebody tells me how to make situation on photos some better?
How to stop printing spherical bubbles on model. (right lower corner, photo 1)
How to straighten bending around Z-axis in foundation and 1/3 of all height? (photo 1, photo 3)
How to straighten curved corners of foundation's plane? (photo 5)
How to make planar and straight planes of perimeters without little and big waves? (photo 6, right part, upper lvl)
How to make solid, untransparent and straight and hard connected like all other model "cap" of this testcube? (photo 4, photo 6)


  • What material are you using?
    On first glance I think you are underextruding so material is not enough to stick well or close top correctly.
    It might also be a bit too hot as I see a lot of shrinkage or you are using abs which has high shrinking rate. Here a hot bed can help a bit.
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    I'm using ABS plastic. Hot bed I'm used at this print are 100 for first layer and 115 celsium degrees for each other. Temperature of effector 235-240 celsium degrees.
  • I do not print with ABS so can not say too much. But it has a narrow temperature range where it works. You should really test if extruder movement is well calibrated when nozzle is cold and if it also can hold your extrusion speed when at target temperature. With more extrusion (assuming underextrusion) it would stick a bit better to bed and extrusion should become wider.
  • Hello there! I got new photos for question, I'm solved a bit of issues and asking that actual for right now:
    So, anyone knows what to do with:
    1. Stratification of shell (walls of 3d printings)? (photo 1)
    2. Unfilled volume of first layers of printings? (photo 2)

  • You clearly see perimeter not touching each other always and top infill not solid, so you are still under extruding! Increase extrusion factor and see if it gets better. Error can easily be 10-20%. 
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