Wanhao D5S mini bed leveling gcode - machine pause

I hope you can help; I’m new to 3D printing and Repetier. Tried searching internet & this forum but can’t find an answer to what is probably a simple thing to do.

 I am in the process of converting my Wanhao D5S mini to use 1.75mm filament, so have installed Jaco Theron’s completely open source Repetier version of the firmware so I have more control of the machine setup.



The original Wahhao firmware has an option to move the nozzle just above each bed leveling screw, pause while any adjustment is made. Pressing the knob then moves to the machine to the next screw position.

 I’m trying to replicate this with a gcode file.  An  M0 on the ender 3 seems to make the machine pause ok, how do I replicate this in Repieter firmware?

 Many thanks for your help



Gcode file contents for the ender 3:-


;Layer height: 0.2

; M190 S60 ;Bed Temp Temp -- Change this

; M104 S0 ;Extruder Temp -- Set to 0 for initial calibration

; M109 S ;Extruder Temp -- Set to 0 for initial calibration

; M82 ;absolute extrusion mode

 ;Basic settings:

;Layer height: 0.2

;Walls: 0.8

;Top/Bottom: 0.6

;Fill: 10

;Retraction Distance: 7

;Retraction Speed: 60

 G28 ;Home

 ; Calibration Round 1

G1 Z10 ; Lift Z axis

G1 X75 Y160 F2400; Move to Position 1

G1 Z0

M0 ; Pause print

G1 Z10 ; Lift Z axis

G1 X240 Y160 F2400; Move to Position 2

G1 Z0

M0 ; Pause print

G1 Z10 ; Lift Z axis

G1 X160 Y0 F2400 ; Move to Position 3

G1 Z0

M0 ; Pause print

 G28 ;Home    ;  use this line if just one round of calibration



  • We have no M0 command. If this is used witd sd printing you can use M25 to pause sd printing. If you use  Repetier-Server to send gcode simply use 
    or install the manual leveling wizard which does a similar thing just interactive. You can modify the source of wizard if you like other initalization.
  • thank you for the reply. where can I find the manual leveling wizard?
  • Just open the wizards tab i printer menu and then call assistant manager. There you can select it from predefined wizards.
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