E0 to E1 Copy with separate steps control - 2 Extruders

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Hello everyone I have ramps 1.4 however only one extruder E0 is working , I need to copy E0 to E1 on the board and both have the same movement behavior as both sharing  the same clay nozzle however I would like to be able to control the steps of each motor separately as one Nema 23 is connected to linear RAM and the other is  Nema17 for clay nozzle and mixing, is that doable on repetier ?

I tired on marlin it seems not possible hope this is achievable on repetier firmware.


  • I can not say for sure, but what could work is defining 2 extruders with extruder 1 usering step/dir/enable pin from E0. As I understand you can switch physically extruder and they have different motors which get switched as well.

    With this solution you can set steps per mm for each extruder but need to select T1 for one to use it before.

    There is also an option for shared enable pin and shared heater if that is needed.
  • I do appreciate  your response, as i said i am not and expert would it be possible to explain that should i set the same pins in pins.h of E1 to be same as E0 , is that what do you mean ? of course after defining new extruder correct ?
  • Yes that is what I meant. In config tool just select E0 driver and both use same. Since only one of both is active there is no influence between them. Just note that both have same current setting! In case of tmc driver they must have identical settings!
  • Thank you for the reply again however i think i found the solution there is Mirror option on the configuration tool + removing the jumpers from the Nema 17 will allow both motors to move in different speed and steps and stop same time and change direction same time , I added this info in case someone looking for solution, however the suggested solution for changing the pins it does not work as i tried it ...actually in my case one is TMC and the other is external driver as for Nema 23 to have enough current and strong torque 
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