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I'm an an OLD school type of person when it comes to the Contrast in searching thru the GCODE. The Different layers have been in Pastel colors for a LONG time. Would it be possible to have a greater contrast of colors between layers to be able to search quicker? I put ' @pause ' commands in to change colors of Filament. How about a Different two colors on the layers? Like Black and White! Instead of Pastel light Aqua and slightly darker Pastel Aqua.  Also, is there a way to go Directly to the beginning of a layer in the Edit screen? I can see where I want to put a new color filament in the "Show Single Layer" slider, but I have to pull the slider with my mouse and watch the two almost equal pastel colors you use to separate the layers. I would like to 'goto' the beginning of a layer by typing it in. Thank You!


  • I'm not really sure what you mean. The g-code viewer do not color different layers. The colors come from extruder, feature, speed, width or height. Also when you check 2d view and switch to g-code you see the code of exactly that layer.

    I assume you are talking about repetier-server view g-code editor. Not sure since you posted in firmware section.
  • Sorry for being in the wrong thread.  I use Sli3er to generate the Gcodes, I go to the editor view in Repetier HOST on the right side of the 'Print Preview' tab and scroll down until I see the break between layers in ' Edit Gcode ' tab. This is where it's hard on the eyes to catch the color change in the command number list.
     I insert the @ pause command after moving the extruder out and up and change colors. I see what Layer to do this by searching thru the 'Visualization' slider. I put a pic in my Google drive to show the color and where I search for layers to change color while watching the image of the layer.

    The "Search" tab will not find each Layer. That would be a GREAT addition! If I could see where to change the color and then search directly to the beginning of that layer. Instead I have to scroll down thru Thousands of commands to find the color change and check what layer I'm on. 

  • Ok, I see what you mean. Do not think I'm changing this maybe a bit on next update.

    But there is a simple solution to find the start. Use viewing range to select the layer and just click on "First Layer" button. It will scroll g-code to start of that layer. Same for last layer which moves to not sure start or end of last layer.
  • THAT SOLVES IT!!!!! Genius!!! I never knew the "First Layer" button was a 'button' to goto that layer!!! WOW! That saves me ALOT of Time! We are going on a cruise soon and my Wife has us in a Facebook Door Magnet swap group. I have to make 25 minimum and programming in the color changes takes awhile!
    As far as the difference of colors every other layer in the GCODE, The trend has been for years to use Pastel colors and Old monitors don't handle it well. Go opposite on the color wheel if you get  to making an update, or make it an color Option? Green/Red,  Blue/Yellow, Black/White

    Pics of Door Magnets I designed... 



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